5 reasons why people buy the iPhone

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Here are five reasons why the iPhone should be called Late Latif. The main point of his writing was that the feature that was available in Android-powered smartphones long ago, was added to the iPhone after a long time. Speaking of Five-G, at least 16 companies before Apple have announced the release of Five-G supported smartphones in the market. More such examples can be found.

There is no doubt that the iPhone is late Latif. But why Late Latif, Apple’s CEO himself explained. Tim Cook announces in front of a packed audience that being the first is not Apple’s goal.

Many people think that innovation means change. But innovation means improving something, not just change. ‘

Added, ‘Being first was never our goal. Our goal is to be the greatest. It is this polarity that has shown us the way to overcome temptation. We want to make the best product. “


Rather, by waiting, observing, trying to know when that technology will are available handy, or whether it’ll come in the least. Apple jumps in with its best as long as it thinks the new technology is promising. Gives new technology to people with products.

This is one direction. Let’s determine the five most acceptable reasons why people devour the iPhone.


  1. Put it ahead of Android

Many believe that the iPhone can be used easily. Apart from that, all kinds of necessary apps are available. They also want to keep the iPhone operating system iOS ahead of Android in terms of data security. The iPhone is also the first choice for many good photos on mobile phones.

  1. If you already have other Apple products at home

The iPhone adapts nicely to Apple’s other products. For example, files can be easily transferred from MacBook to iPhone. So if you have an Apple product at home, the iPhone may be the first choice when buying a smartphone.

  1. Those who have used the iPhone before

If you are already an iPhone user, if you need a new smartphone, you are more likely to pick up the iPhone again. Those who have once messed up the iPhone, nothing else rubs on their face.


  1. Many people think it is a symbol of dignity

Many people are attracted to the Apple brand and buy an iPhone. Some people think it is a symbol of dignity. Apart from that, in the crowd of hundreds of Chinese brands, everyone knows the iPhone and the manufacturer Apple by name. That may be the reason.

  1. Used iPhones are easy to sell

If you want to buy a new smartphone year after year, it is better to buy an iPhone. Because used iPhone can be sold relatively easily, the price is also good. Other companies release smartphones so often that no specific model is identified.

So not the law, if you want to take the iPhone in your hand.

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