A Global Reskilling Revolution is Underway

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As a catalyst for digitalization and automation, the current pandemic has been critical for the construction of robust business models. Covid-19 changes have put the forces of transition in motion, resetting the curriculum we offer and developing skills in the primary.

In a recent McKinsey Global Survey, 87 percent of managers said they have or expect skill gaps within a few years. The World Economic Forum ( WEF) has measured the development in 2022, as we move to the “end of work,” of 133 million new workers in global economies. Although companies saw dramatic changes in job roles and related skills before Covid-19, the present crisis has brought this changing landscape further attention.

In a post-COVID environment, restructured job styles and the need to restructure talent are key. As both employers and employees are overwhelmed by this change, businesses should not lose sight of actions that prepare them for a pandemic life. We must also focus on empowering employees to thrive in future workplaces and to achieve inclusive, equitable progress as we move into a new working environment.

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Relearning the ropes

Innovation in different sectors was already driving the digital Revolution. Speedy developments in the areas of new-age technologies such as AI, big data, machine learning, etc. have disrupted work roles and the way enterprises operate. The pandemic has often, however, led companies to almost overnight shift towards those technologies for example, AI has allowed chatbot to communicate with customers or to manage contactless payments to ensure customers are safe.

This phenomenon has only increased the need for practitioners to adjust and become future-proof for increasingly evolving environments by growing their existing skills. Six in ten Indian practitioners plan on expanding their online learning time as an answer to remote working, the shrinking labor market, and the need to improve their skills according to LinkedIn ‘s third Workforce Confidence Index.

Organizations are now focused on bridging the capability divide by improvements in preparation for their staff and internship systems. A new Mercer study states that 55 percent of employees have confidence in their organization to reskill them if the result of automation changes their jobs. Corporates and educational institutions have tremendous opportunities to work together and develop innovative solutions for solving this problem.

Recovering the existing staff not only helps organizations, but also improves their productivity, efficiency, and energy supply to build a robust internal pipeline. Many organizations that have shifted from home to work offer access to online learning platforms such as Coursera, Degreed, and Udemy.

Other interpersonal expertise, such as teamwork, motivation, and empathy, have also become essential complements to technological or digital capabilities. The ties between the company and the workers are essential for coordination and cooperation. These skills distinguish the new business model.

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The future of work for women

The pandemic has exacerbated past disparities and people under the increasing strain of health care commitments. The transition will also have a gender viewpoint, to help women become ready for work in these innovations and create a more gender-balanced leadership pipeline. Reskilling is an enhanced chance for building advantage in difficult times, and for speeding up diversity progress dramatically—an approach which is good for women and critical for organizations’ longevity.


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Cloud computing, software engineering in the development of digital products, data analytics, and deep learning, together with leadership skills in virtual collaboration, compassions and communication can help not only to find unskilled talent but can also give promising female employees their skills to increase their digital skills and skills.

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