Amazon increases its Flex delivery scheme to over 35 major cities across India

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On Thursday, Amazon said its flex delivery program has expanded to include more than 35 cities in India, one of the major foreign markets since the giant of e-commerce seeks to increase its delivery capacity to serve the growing number of orders.

The e-commerce giant, who finished in India this month for seven years, started last June with the Amazon Flex delivery program. The program was then available in three towns.

Amazon Flex offers people the ability to supply customers with packages. The business also announced that over the past year in India “ten hundred thousand” hundred teachers, homemakers, and others have entered the scheme, raising profits.

They earn from Rs 120 ($1.58) to Rs 140 ($1.84)/hour. The company stated that Amazon’s expansion into more towns will enable Amazon Flex to increase its supply of workers and service customers.

The Last Mile Transportation Manager of Amazon India, Prakash Rochlani, stated in a statement, “Amazon Flex partners have the chance, in parttime, to gain more, especially at a time when the country is recovering economically from the impact of a national lockdown.”



Walmart’s Flipkart was badly affected by Amazon and its biggest competitor, India, after New Delhi declared that e-commerce firms should be shut down at home and not hold business.

India’s limitations have now been relaxed and much of its businesses have been transferred to both corporations.

However, Amazon supply and warehouse workers expressed serious security concerns in recent months as Covid-19 spread further. In April, a driver from the Amazon Flex distribution system reported such fears.

The welfare of Amazon Flex members “is always our highest concern and we take the right steps and introduce a range of protective measures for wellbeing,” Rochlani said.

In recent weeks, Amazon has tried to increase its procurement workforce vigorously in India. Last month, the organization announced it planned to hire 50,000 seasonal employees.



Last year, a spokesperson for Amazon told TechCrunch, 90,000 more seasonal jobs were created, but this was in front of the Diwali festivities, where the Indians spend a lot.

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