Google will no longer keep pictures for free

Google will no longer keep pictures for free

Google will no longer keep pictures for free.

Those who have less storage on smartphones believe Google in despair. They put their pictures in Google Photos. But Google will not keep pictures for free of charge. the corporate is setting a deadline of June next year.

Google has started sending official mail to all or any e-mail users. consistent with Google’s announcement, any image uploaded to the Photos app is going to be included within the account of the 15 GB of storage provided when opening a Google user account.

Mail from Google also said that from June 1, 2021, all top quality photos and videos are going to be protected in 15 GB storage. This 15 GB space is provided freed from charge when opening a Google account. Anyone else who buys storage or space from Google will have videos or pictures stored there on your device. this is often how Google Drive and Gmail data is calculated. From now on, Google Photos also will be included during this calculation.

The good news, however, is that images that are protected before June 1 next year won’t be covered by Google’s account storage.

Technology Scientists believe that Google wants All people to use their services for money. This step is to extend the subscription of the service called Google One.

Google says it’s making big changes to its business and is taking the difficulty seriously. Customers are being notified beforehand of changes in order that they can adapt to the changes. they need to create a tool or program to understand what proportion of time the user has got to meet the quota.

Google will launch a replacement storage management service in June next year. this may help the user to simply remove blurry, black, and unwanted images or content. aside from this, you’ll buy storage from a service called Google One and use it.


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