Jetpack is the most popular WordPress plugin 2020

Jetpack is the most popular WordPress plugin 2020


Jetpack is the most popular WordPress plugin for just & everything.  Jetpack plugin is made by WordPress experts to make WordPress website safer, faster,& help you grow your website traffic.

24 Hours auto website security

We secure your website so you can run your website or online business. Jetpack plugin security easy to use in WordPress website, comprehensive WordPress website security including auto real-time backups & easy restores, malware scanning & spam protection on your WordPress website. This plugin essential features like brute force protection & downtime or uptime monitoring are free features on your WordPress website.

•  Automatically back up your site in real-time and restore to any point with one click. Unlimited storage for your backups. Especially great for e-commerce stores.

•  Easily copy, clone, or relocate your site whether you want to create a staging site or move to a new host.

•  View changes to each site and see who created it with activity logs, great for adjusting, debugging, maintaining, or troubleshooting.

• Automatic scan for malware and other code threats on your WordPress website. One-click fix to recover your site from malware.

• Block spam comments and form responses with anti-spam features powered by Akismet in WordPress website.

•  Brutal forces attack protection to protect your WordPress login page from attack.

• Monitor your site uptime/downtime and receive instant alerts for any changes via email.

• For additional security, login powered by using millions of sites, including WordPress 2FA (two-factor authentication).

•  Automatically update individual plugins for easy site maintenance and management.

Learn Speed and Performance

Get flashing fast speeds with JetPack, the Premier WP plugin built to power AMP, a tool that helps optimize your site on mobile devices. Jetpack’s free CDN (Content Delivery Network) automatically optimizes your images. See the reduction in page load time – we’ll optimize your images and serve them from our own powerful global network and speed up your site on mobile devices to reduce bandwidth usage and save money!

•  Using the Jetpack and AMP together mobile version, all you need to build a beautiful, fast, modern website has no features, no coding required.

• Image CDN for images and static files like CSS and JavaScript, served from your service, is not yours, which saves you money and bandwidth.

• Even lazy load images for a very fast experience on mobile. Jetpack’s idle load automatically delays media loading on your posts and pages until your pages scroll to where they should appear.

• Unlimited, high-speed, ad-free video hosting focuses on your content, not on ads or promotions that keep people off-site.

• The custom site search is an incredibly powerful and customizable WordPress website. Helps your visitors find the right content instantly so they can read and buy more. Filters work great with WooCommerce / eCommerce sites to support products so customers quickly get what they want on your site.

• Recommended using WP Super Cache for final WordPress site speed.

This Plugin Is Free Version avaible


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