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As you know that nowadays there are many devices which could work without any physical contact just by our voice or automatically. For running these devices or any electronics or automobile IoT is used widely. The IoT or Internet of Things applies to the thousands of digital machines that are already linked to the Internet worldwide, all of which store and exchange the data. Thanks to the advent of super-cheap computer processors and the ubiquity of the cellular networks, something from a tablet or anything as big as a plane can be converted into part of the IoT. Connecting and adding sensors to all the different objects adds digital intelligence to devices that would otherwise be stupid so that they can communicate data in real-time without involving a person. The Internet of Things makes the world around us more intelligent and responsive and combines the digital and physical worlds. The term IoT is used mainly for devices that usually do not require an internet connection and can communicate independently of human action with the network. This is why a PC is generally not considered an IoT device, or a smartphone, although the latter is full of sensors.



Benefits of IoT
IoT is dedicated to safer, more tangible, and more charitable our climate in homes and workplaces and cars. Clever speakers like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home make playing music simpler, scheduling times, or having details. Home security systems simplify monitoring, viewing, and talking to visitors inside and out. Meanwhile, intelligent Thermostats can help us warm up our homes, even though we’re away, and intelligent Lightbulbs can make it feel like we’re alive. Looking outside, sensors can help us understand how noisy our environment is, or how polluted. The way we design and maintain our public spaces might alter self-driving cars or smart towns.



Safety measures and privacy
Safety is one of the big IoT issues. In many cases, these sensors collect extremely sensitive information for instance, what you say and do in your own home. To maintain that confidence is essential for consumer confidence, but so far the safety record of the IoT has been very poor. Too often IoT devices do not care about the fundamental safety elements, such as transit and keep encrypting data.
Computer bugs including old and well-used technology are routinely found, but often IoT systems cannot repair them and they are thus threatened forever. The hackers now attack IoT systems such as routers and webcams, as they are quick to exploit and roll up giant sticks owing to their inherent protection limitations.
The IoT is a fairly big privacy and protection nightmare for all the devices that gather data on everything you do. Although businesses are going to make money by selling you the intelligent entity first, the IoT business model includes at least selling some of the details. It’s a vital privacy issue that happens to these data. Not every clever home business constructs its business model to collect and sell data, but there are others.



Yet IoT data may be combined with certain pieces of data to build a remarkably accurate image of you. A lot of people from various sensor readings can be found surprisingly easily.

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