Michelle Obama’s Netflix Documentary ‘Becoming’ gets a trailer.

Michelle Obama tells her story through a new Netflix Documentary ‘Becoming’.  Netflix recently released its trailer on Michelle Obama’s autobiography.

Michelle Obama’s chronicle Becoming divides her story into three sections: Becoming Me, Becoming Us, and Becoming More.

The Netflix film ‘Becoming’ has footages and shots from Michelle’s 34-city book tour, while the film seems to be focusing more on

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The Netflix Documentary ‘Becoming’ has footages form the 34-city book tour and looking at the first trailer, the documentary seems to be focusing more on “Becoming More.” In streaks of flashes, Michelle is seen speaking to young women in a considerably small room, sits in front of the crowd, and telling her story “unplugged for the first time.”

Michelle is seen recounting her upbringing at the south side of Chicago and says her life is much more than the time spent at the white house with her husband and former president Barack Obama.

The Documentary will give a candid and “unplugged” look at Michelle’s life before, during, and after her role as the first lady.

Michelle said that this film is an unplugged insight into her life.

The documentary follows Michelle Obama as she travels from City to City for her book tour.

Directed by Nadia Hallgren, and produced by Higher Ground Productions- the company founded by the Obamas, the film is said to premiere on Wednesday.

Michelle was also seen quoting her mother and said: “Barack and Michelle Obama are not special and there are millions of Barack and Michelle Obamas all over the world.”

Check out the Official trailer of the amazing life of Michelle Obama and get inspired by clicking the link below.

According to Netflix, the documentary gives a peek into Michelle Obama’s book tour of the memoir.

Michelle was also seen addressing the current pandemic in the latest CBS News Report saying that she treasures the memories now more than ever as we stand against the current pandemic and how we love our friends, families, and communities all the while trying to keep up with the number of losses, school, work, and confusion.

After Oscar-winning collaborations such as Inspiring Crip Camp and American Factor, this film is also the third major collab between the Obamas the Netflix.

‘Becoming’ is not just a documentary about Michelle’s Personal life. It is also about how Michelle wants to influence and inspire the current and later generation of girls and young women. The trailer might give you goosebumps as it is set to Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” and is awash in girl power.

During her book tour, Michelle met hundreds and thousands of girls and women of all ages through Big and small gatherings. We could see the former First Lady get intimate with her talks, inspiring women across the country.

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