Redmi Note 8 pro – Best Smartphone1

Redmi Note 8 pro – Best Smartphone

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Hello friends, let us know about Redmi’s new Note 8 Pro today. The Redmi Note 8 Pro will be the best smartphone available for 15,000. After that, now Redmi has again launched a new smartphone called Redmi Note 8 Pro. In this post, we can find out the features of this phone today and whether you can get it with this phone.
Friends, this phone is a very good phone. In this phone, you will get a 6.53-inch display. The MediaTek Helio G90 processor is used in this phone. If we talk about the camera on this phone, you will get the best camera pictures on this phone. the front camera is 20 megapixels. You will see 4 cameras on the back of this phone. One of these four cameras will have a me4 megapixel. The second camera will be 8 megapixels. And the rest of the camera will be 2 megapixels. With this phone, you will get 6 GB RAM. On this phone, you will get 64GB of internal memory. You can also use an external memory card if you want to use more memory. On this phone, you will get a 4500 mAh battery. The operating system of Android 9 Pie will be available on this phone.

Redmi Note 8 pro – Best Smartphone

Now let us tell you what is best and what is bad about this phone. Bad money doesn’t always mean it’s bad, but other phones do. First, let’s talk about the good things about this phone. You will get great performance on this phone. With this phone, you will get a very good camera. The new design of this phone is of premium quality. Its display is full HDR. Here’s what we don’t like about this phone. This phone heats up very quickly. The performance of the low light video is not so good.

Still, let me tell you that if you want to buy a phone below 15000, this phone will be very good for you.

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