Student Grading management System Php project

Student Grading System Php project 1

The Student Grading management System Php project is a simple web application created using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, and modals in the PHP MySQL database. Administrators can manage users by adding new users, checking student status, deleting, editing, and searching.

Admin Dashboard

Master lists, records, reports, users, maintenance.

Master list

Student list

Record every page, view LRN number, name course, and profile, add new entries, search.

Subject list

List of topics, record on each page, apply, apply, describe, edit, add new topics, and search.

Curriculum list

Add the program section, syllabus, description, edit, new syllabus.


Academic record

LRN number, name, gender, syllabus, and search.

Promote candidates

LRN number, records per page, promote, gender, and search.

Candidate list

Select and search for Promoted Student Candidates, Show Entry, Remove, LRN Number, Name, Gender, Curriculum, All.


Form 137

Show entry, LRN number, name, gender, syllabus, printable report, and searches.


User list, record every page, name, username, type, edit, add new users, and search.


The school year, grade list, add new school year, add a new grade.

Student Grading System Php project

Student grading system

Project Name: Student Grading management System Php project

The language used: PHP

The database used: My SQL

Design Interface: Bootstrap JavaScript, HTML, Ajax, Jequery,

Browser: Opera Mozilla Google Chrome i8,


About the system

How to setup this project

Step 1. Download XAMP

The second step. Text Editor Notepad ++ or Sublime

The third step. Download the zip file / WinRAR

The fourth step. Extract the file and copy the “Student_Grading_System” folder

Fifth step. Paste inside the root directory / where you install xampp local disk C: drive D: drive E: paste: for XAMPP / htdocs,

. Step 6 Open PHPMyAdmin **** http: // localhost / phpmyadmin ****

Seventh step. Create database name grading_db

The eighth step. Import the grading_db.sql file inside the zip package to the SQL File folder

The ninth step. Run the script http: // localhost / Student Grading management System Php project

Step 9 : username: admin , password: admin123

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