Tesla has severe quality control issues with model Y

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It is not uncommon for a vehicle maker, but stories regarding Tesla’s Model Y indicate that the company has many more issues than expected. That simply is not the case. Model 3 was compared to the 1990s Kia when launched, but it was delivered by at least a few people without attaching the backrest to the car framework.

There are remarkably shoddy reports from the production of Model Y at Tesla’s manufacturing plant, California. Tesla itself has suggested implicitly but has not formally addressed these most current posts, that the platform is having issues.

Last week in an email to production staff, Musk mentioned a number of Model Y productions: “The increase in Model Y production and the reduction in rectification needs is extremely important for us.” He thanked the production staff for “taking tough conditions” and said they should be alleviated soon.

Disconnected back seats are bad, but not the only problem. Reddit purchasers have reported rear trunk latches that will not close correctly, various troubleshooting and painting, seat insertions, and loosening seat belts.

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In some cases, consumers were obliged to refuse to deliver, while Tesla contacted other companies to reprogram deliveries of the vehicles because of issues and defects of quality control.

While nobody will ever have to produce a car that is less than flawless, many of these problems are superficial. However, the few that are not transparent. An unconnected backrest is like broken or unpaired seat belts a genuine danger.

Tesla is attempting, in a guess, to ensure that its Q2 numbers are not really awful. Due to the pandemic, the company is probably hit shortly and in only two weeks’ time, the second quarter will be closed. It is best to keep the cars back and build them correctly instead of charging deliveries at the cost of quality in our way of thinking.

So each and every client who cannot accept his car or has to reprogram the delivery because of defects will probably be more furious than a customer who just has to wait longer. Most people are aware that for manufacturers, especially vehicle makers, the coronavirus outbreak was terrible. It would be very naive to make long-term assumptions regarding Tesla or some other company based on their results in the worst economic quarter of our lives.

It is to be expected that the early cars of a brand new model with a few dings and scratches are to be shipped without the main interior pieces attached to the frame. This is the sort of problem which can kill somebody.


Normally, this is where we can predict or sum up how the EV market is working, but the bottom of the entire automotive industry is currently quite impossible. Anything less than a total bloodbath for Tesla at Q2 is likely to be fine and even a huge loss is likely to only mean that the company has a lot of business. Six months early, after all, Model Y might not have been a smart decision.

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