Tesla uploads the latest technology with innovative features

Tesla is beginning to push a new software upgrade with a range of exciting new features that are very requested, including the possibility to use its cabin-facing camera. From now on it appears just for the early access owners in North America, however, modern driving visualizations of detections of such items as traffic signals and stop signs are being introduced to other countries, which have previously been launched in the United States.
Tesla wants to modify the feature slowly to different road signage markets.
As you’ll see, it also includes new features for all Tesla markets, such as further camera backup angles.

Backup camera improvements
This is one that Tesla owners were highly asked for. You want Tesla, which comes with the new 2020.24 updates, to access more angles of the camera when using the backup camera and Tesla.

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Tesla uploads the latest technology with innovative features

Dashcam Viewer improvements
Tesla launched a Dashcam Viewer at the beginning of this year, allowing TeslaCam and Sentry Mode to view videos in the vehicle.
Tesla is now improving the viewing experience to facilitate:
I also hear Tesla trying to let you know more about this (such as identification of objects) case before viewing the film.
To work on a Tesla, you need some accessories to use TeslaCam and Sentry Mode. We suggest that you also use other plugs and cover your Sentry mode disk from the USB hub Model 3 (now also Model Y available).
I now use a portable SSD from Samsung for the drive which you have to format, but it gives you a lot of capacity and can be easily covered in the Jeda hub.

Walk-away door lock improvements
This is another feature Tesla has requested from the owner. Now, when you are alone, you can uninstall self-locking:
If you insert your vehicle into the navigation system, tesla vehicles can recognize your vehicle home.


Tesla uploads the latest technology with innovative features

On-route battery warm-up
If you set your destination to a Supercharger station, Tesla already carries out battery conditioning automatically but can do so for third-party chargers now.
Battery pack preconditioning will allow Tesla cars to accelerate the charging rate and should lead to a shorter total charging at the station.

Tesla cabin camera
Finally, in Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, Tesla uses the cab camera.
As Tesla launched Model 3, it fitted the vehicle with a regular camera in the rear mirror facing the room.
Tesla took the vehicle into service almost three years ago, with this unit, which is used with every Model 3, still sleeping.
CEO Elon Musk said it will be used to prevent people from vandalizing cars when they are automated on the upcoming Tesla robotaxi network.

Tesla uploads the latest technology with innovative features

Now, however, it sounds like you want to begin using it to voluntarily collect data.
Tesla says the camera “not associated” to the driver, “to protect your privacy, pictures that are captured with the cabin face.”

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