What is a modem? Why is Modem important in using the Internet!

What is a modem-Why is Modem important in using the Internet1

What is a modem? Why is Modem important in using the Internet!

The Internet that we use modem so much, rather say that every person has become dependent on the Internet today, so do you know about how it works?  It works with the help of Internet Connection Modem Yes Friends Modem is required to get the facility of the Internet.

Let us know in Detail…

What Is Modem?

The term Modem is made up of two words, from the Modulator and Demodulator to denote its Methodology, Modem is used to send data from a Telephone or Cable to a Computer.


The Internet cannot be understood without a modem. The modem only connects us with the help of a Phone Line to the Internet or helps us to connect. The modem’s speed is measured in Bit Per Second (Bps), Kilobyte Per Second (Kbps), Megabyte Per Second (Mbps).


A modem is very important in the field of computers. The size of the Modem used to be large and outside of Computer but now the size of the Modem has reduced. There are many devices in a computer, among them Modem is a device used by the computer for some different tasks.

So the definition of the modem, now you understand better what Modem Meaning is.

Who Invented the Modem?

So the Modem you use, you have thought about who made it? Who invented the modem ..?

In 1962, the first Modem was built by  Commercial Modem At & T by Bell 103. This was followed by the invention of the 56k Modem in 1996. Brent Townshend did that Brent Townshend is the person who thought to make 56k Bit / Second Modem.

Function Of Modem

Although Modem has many functions, we will tell you about some important functions of Modem, what does Modem work for.

Modem’s Modulator fixes the Digital Signal going from the Computer and the rest from the Digital Device, the function of the Modem is to Modulate the Analog Signal coming from our Telephone Line and convert it into a Digital Signal that our Computer can read and understand easily Get

Demodulate the signal coming from the computer, change it to Analog Signal and send it back and this process is called Modulation and Demodulation.

A modem is mostly used in Network Area, Modem works as a means of communication between different Networks or Lan and a different world.

A modem connects our computer to a standard phone line or cable, from which we can send or receive data.

A modem is a Conversation Tool that converts the Signal of one device into a Signal that can be read by another device.

So this was Modem Ke Karya which you knew. Let us now know how Modem is used.

How to use a modem?

Have you also purchased Modem to run an Internet and now you have to set Modem Ki, then next we will tell you that by setting Modem, Modem Se Net Kaise Chalaye modem use

To use a USB Modem, you have to set a Dial-Up Connection.

Step 1. Connect USB Modem to a USB Port on Your Computer: First, connect USB Modem to USB Port. Windows Automatically Detect Modem and Install Drivers. After installing the driver, click on the “Start” button and click on the Control Panel and then click on “Network and Internet”. Click on Network and Sharing Center to open the Networking Setting in the Utility List.

Step 2. Click The “Set Up A Connection Or Network” Link: Now click on the link that will be Set Up A Connection or Network. This link starts the Wizard to set up Dial-Up Connection for your Service Provider. Now to choose Usb Modem Setup, click on “Set Up A Dial-up Connection” and click on Next.

Step 3. Enter Details: Type your Dial-Up Number, Username, and Password in the Text Box. This Value is provided by your Isp. Type the name for your Connection in the “Connection Name” text box.

Step 4. Press  “Connect” Button: Now click on Connect Button.  The Internet Now to open the Click Browse Default Web Browser. Now type a website in the Web Browser Address Text Box and press Enter.

Right-click on Modem Icon and select Hang-Up to close your Dial-Up Modem Connection.

Types Of Modem

You understood the functions of the Modem. Now we will tell you Modem Types, how many types of Modem are there.

What is a modem-Why is Modem important in using the Internet

modem types

Broadband Modem: Broadband modem, known as High-Speed   Modem, uses Advance Signaling Technique to achieve high speed compared to Broadband Modem Traditional Dial-Up used for Dsl or Cable Internet Access. Some Broadband Routers include a Hardware Integrated Modem.

Dial-up Modem: Dial-up Modem requires full use of the Local Telephone Line, which means that you can either run the Internet or make a Voice Call at once.

Convert data between dial-up networks, traditional modems, analog forms used on telephone lines, and digital modems forms used on computers.

Removable Modem: Removable Modem is used with the old Laptop Pcmcia Slot and can be added or removed as needed.

Onboard Modem: Onboard Modem is a Modem built on the motherboard, this modem cannot be removed, but can be unable via a Jumper or Cmos (Cmos Setup).

What is an internal modem?

Next, we will learn about Internal Modem, what is an internal modem, and how it is used. Internal-modem 2

Internal Modem is inside the computer, it is a Modem that is installed inside the desktop and laptop, Internal Modem uses only the power of the computer. A similar internal modem is used in mobiles in which we use the Internet.

What is an external modem?

External Modem is excluded and connects to the Serial or USB Port created in the computer, such Modem which has to be externally in the Computer System. A separate power supply is required and the computer is connected to a cable called External Modem. External Modem, then these were the types of Modem


So, friends, this was the complete information about Modem that you came to know today.


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