Wordfence Security WordPress Plugin for WordPress website

Wordfence Security WordPress Plugin

Best WordPress website  security plugin is wordfence . One of the most popular WordPress website security plugin wordfence in the market.

Why need a wordpress security plugin

WordPress is the most powerful  content management system. Huge number makes wordpress website . it is a popular target for hacking attempts , code injection. You will need website hack from hackers to use wordfence security plugin for advanced security like website scanning, blocking or website monitoring your website.

wordfence security

Setting wordfence security plugin

Both free and paid version is an available wordfence security plugin. Paid version have extra features and premium support.

The WordFence protection plugin works out of the box and the default settings should work for most websites. The plugin has a settings page where you can set up the plugin to meet your needs.

wordfence security1

WordFence Protection comes with a powerful scanning tool. Just look at the WordFence 6 scan to start the scan. WordPress will check your WordPress site for common threats like backdoor, malicious and suspicious code, MySQL injection etc.

After the scan is complete it will display the number of problems you have found. With each issue, you will see detailed information about it, including practical advice on how to fix it.


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